Waiver & Policy

Media Policy
By registering for this program, I give permission for photos and/or videos of my child to be used for training, website, social media and/or marketing materials for La La Lacrosse LLC.

Cancellation Policy
La La Lacrosse will refund program fees, less a $30 administrative charge, for cancellations communicated to us in writing (email) at least 2 weeks prior to the camp start date.

Camp Dismissal Policy
Dismissal from Camp: There are times when the camp must dismiss a child due to a psychological, emotional or physical disability that precludes the child from participating safely or effectively in a group. Dismissal will take effect only after consultation among the parents, camper (if appropriate) and the camp director. Dismissal for the aforementioned reasons will result in a complete refund for the unused days. On occasion, dismissal may be necessary for disciplinary reasons. This action will take effect only after consultation among the parents, camper (if appropriate) and the camp director. If a camper is dismissed for disciplinary reasons, there will be NO REFUND for the unused days.

Weather-Related Cancellation Policy
La La Lacrosse camps and clinics will make accommodations to try to continue despite weather changes. La La Lacrosse’s policy is that we do not offer weather-related refunds for our camp or clinic programs. If we are forced to cancel more than one entire day of camp or of a clinic, then we will offer a credit towards future camp or clinic.

Legal Waiver
As the legal guardian of the child whose name is set forth below, the undersigned hereby acknowledges that the child’s participation in this camp is voluntary and all related activities involve an inherent risk of physical injury. The undersigned hereby assumes all risks associated with participation and does release La La Lacrosse, The Episcopal School of Los Angeles, and its camp employees and all agents from any and all liability associated with unforeseen bodily and personal injuries that they may incur. The undersigned understands that all activities involved in camp, from initial orientation or registration to the conclusion of camp on the final day involve risk and that La La Lacrosse or the Episcopal School of Los Angeles is not responsible for any injury or illness that may occur as a result of attendance at the camp, to include all camp activities or failure of any equipment or defect in the premises. I understand that any injury or illness that occurs during La La Lacrosse camp is the sole responsibility of the injured party. (Undersigned is the legal guardian of the participant)

California State Mandated Reporting
Mandated reporting: La La Lacrosse and Episcopal School of Los Angeles employees are mandated, by California State Law, to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect directly to the appropriate authorities for investigation. While we have established internal procedures to facilitate reporting and apprise supervisors, we cannot by law require our employees to disclose his or her identity to anyone.

Any questions or concerns please contact the camp director shelby@lalalacrosse.com